Protect your Ad Dollars
Next Gen Advanced Fraud Prevention

Monitor clicks in real-time to block and deter fraudulent clicks and app installs. Get actionable insights on fraud and configure custom thresholds for all your ad spend

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Advanced three-pronged framework

Go beyond last-mile detection

There’s no substitute to human intelligence. In addition to using advanced machine learning algorithms, our industry-leading framework uses a three-pronged approach supported by data, insights and human intervention, making it more robust and more accurate than any other solution in the market.


Reduce fraud without affecting scale

SmartBlocking filters out only those installs from supply-cuts that are fraudulent while letting the clean installs through using advanced machine learning models. This ensures your scale is not adversely affected.

Get real-time actionable insights

Intuitive dashboard coupled with powerful reporting APIs enable you to focus on what is important, while keeping fraud at bay. Quickly action on fraud reports with a click of a button. Set up automated email alerts and reports to your inbox or to clients.

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